The endless question without an answer.

I’ve been playing games a long time.  I’m 44 so in dog years that’s forever.  I started with an Atari something console where the cartridges went into the top, migrated to the Atari ST and STE while the cool kids had Commodore 64’s.  I really enjoyed the early PC days, playing golf, lemmings, any American football simulation I could get my hands on, and Doom with all of it’s incarnations and off shoots.  My next console was the Sega Genesis (I played that when I lived in the UK) and when I finally moved to the US it was more PC playing along with a Sega Dreamcast.

I have enjoyed playing Xbox and PlayStations consoles over the years but could never really get into the Nintendo Wii units, something about the games just never grabbed me. So today, I have the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in my front room – for games playing – maybe the odd movie but to me that’s what my AppleTV is for.  Now, I search for the answer to a question that no one seems to knows, do I go Xbox One or PS4? Fanboys will go one way or the other, I’m neither.  I like good games (Far Cry, The last of Us, Fifa Series, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto) so which ever platform gives me the best experience that’s the one I’ll get the game for.

So take it away readers, help me answer this question.